To cooperate with statutory law enforcement departments and other criminal justice agencies; to comply with State licensing and registration laws and other requirements that pertain to the operation of a security firm.

To respect and protect the confidential and privileged information of the Sibannac Security and its Clients. To insist that all personnel adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct. To encourage the professional development of all personnel by assisting them to acquire appropriate medicinal cannabis industry knowledge, education, and training.

It is the Responsibility of Management or any person employed by Sibannac Security to take immediate and appropriate action to report or deal with incidents of misconduct of any type, whether brought to their attention or personally observed.

Under no circumstance will a legitimate complaint be dismissed or downplayed, nor should the complainant be told to deal with it personally. Sibannac Security will seek to provide a safe, healthy, and rewarding employment environment for its employees and others to discuss issues that impact the performance of the business as a medicinal drugs security provider.